Monday, January 27, 2014

Zelda Wind Waker Morth Pattern

Edit 11/25/14: This pattern has been improved and updated!

Our close friend is moving away this week. One of the things we did together was play Zelda Wind Waker on the Wii U. The forest temple has these sentient spiky burs that jump on you and weigh you down so you move slower. We spent an entertaining amount of time collecting them. He liked them so much I decided to make one for him as a going away present.

There is a 3.25" hard Styrofoam ball in the middle that has been painted black with paint so no white shows through the stitches. The spikes each have a piece of wooden dowel in them cut to 3.75" so they keep their shape.

G Hook
F Hook
3.25" hard Styrofoam ball
Dowel (a bit less than the thickness of a wood pencil) Cut into 11 3.75" pieces. Sharpen one end with a pencil sharpener
Black yarn - worsted
Orange yarn - worsted
Brown yarn - worsted
Red yarn – worsted
Yellow yarn – worsted
Blue yarn – worsted

Start with black, G hook
R1: 6 sc in magic circle
Switch to red
R2: In back loops only (BLO) 2 hdc in each st (12)
Switch to black
R3: BLO Sc 1, 2 sc around (18)
Switch to yellow
R4:  BLO Sc 2, 2 sc around (24)
Switch to blue
R5: BLO Hdc 3, 2 hdc around
Sl st, finish off leaving long end for sewing. With the red yarn, embroider two red dots between the black and yellow on the north and south end of the eye.

Black yarn, G hook
R1: 6 sc in magic circle
R2: 2 sc in each st around (12)
R3: 2 sc, sc 1 around (18)
R4: 2 sc, sc 2 around (24)
R5: 2 sc, sc 3 (30)
R6: 2 sc, sc 4 (36)
R7: 2 sc, sc 5 (42)
R8-13: Sc around (42)
R14: Dec 1, sc 5 (36)
R15: Dec1, sc 4 (30)
Sew the eye on.
Place Styrofoam ball in the middle
R16: Dec 1, sc 3 (24)
R17: Sc around
R18: Dec 1, sc 2 (18)
R19: Dec 1, sc 1 (12)
R20: Dec around, sew hole closed

Spikes – Make 11
Start with orange, F hook
R1: 4 sc in magic circle
R2: Sc 4
R3: (2 sc, sc 1) around (6)
R4: Sc around (6)
R5: (2 sc, sc 2) around (8)
R6: Sc around (8)
R7: (2 sc, sc 3) around (10)
R8-9: Sc around (10)
Switch to brown
R10: (2 sc, sc 4) around (12)
R11: Sc around (12)
R12: (2 sc, sc 5) around (14)
R13: Sc around (14)
Sl st, finish off leaving long end for sewing

Lightly stuff each spike.Try to stuff just enough to give the spike shape and stability without making it lumpy. The first five spikes will go on in a star shape. Start by deciding where the top is going to be. Take a sharpened dowel and push it through the crochet and into the Styrofoam ball. Deep enough that it's stable and the stuffed spike can fit completely over it. Sew the spike onto the body. Do this to four more spikes in this formation.

Now go to the back and put a dowel and spike there. If the eye points one way this spike will point the exact opposite way. You should have 6 spikes now on the doll. Turn it back over.

The next five spikes will be farther back and between the first five spikes. They should be equal distance from the two front spikes they are between and the back spike. They should be angled slightly back.

Enjoy and email me if you have any problems or questions


  1. These are too cool! The first time I came across these things in the game, I nearly died laughing. Watching Link, following him, dog-piling on him just to slow him down...I want to make dozens of these, put velcro on them and stick them to my kiddos just for laughs! Mwa-ha-ha! (Don't worry, they're 10 and 13, they can handle it) ;-)

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