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I like to add the word sauce to the end of phrases. Sauce is great right? Everyone likes sauce. Therefore, something is not just awesome, it's awesome-sauce. Since my blog is about crafts it is craft-sauce. I originally only named it that as a place holder but now it won't let me change it. Ah well.

I learned how to crochet via youtube videos in 2011 and I love it. If you're trying to learn go there and look up the tutorials, they are a great resource for beginners.

I'm 25. I have two cats, a husband and a daughter and I think they are all pretty great.



I enjoy the following things: Dinosaurs, Lord of the Rings, Digimon (1st season yo!), Pokemon, crochet, tea, curry, Miyazaki, Zelda, Tales of Symphonia, ilomilo, my 3DS, Chrono Trigger, writing, drawing, naps

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  1. Thank you so much for your tip on softening yarn. You saved a Christmas project for me!! I made a desert camouflage hat for my boyfriend. The only yarn that would work color - wise was just itchy and scratchy. Now it's soft and wearable - thanks to you! BTW your hubby, daughter and kitties are adorable :) Merry Christmas to you all!


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