Sunday, January 24, 2021

Totoro Lovey Free Pattern

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well. I recently decided to make my totoro pattern free, Enjoy :)

Materials Needed: 
Size F Crochet Hook (3.75mm) 
Size H Crochet Hook (5.00 mm) 
2.70mm Hook 
Grey, white and black worsted yarn 
White Crochet Thread 
2 9mm Safety Eyes 
Yarn needle 

Stitches and Abbreviations 
st – stitch 
ch- chain 
sc - single crochet 
dec - decrease 
dc – double crochet 
hdc – half-double crochet 
sl st - slip stitch 
f/o – finish off 

Note: For all pieces apart from the blanket section, do not connect rows. Once a row is finished go directly into the next row. It is worked in a spiral.

Ears - Make 2
Grey yarn
F hook 
R1: 4 sc in magic circle (4) 
R2: Sc around (4) 
R3: 2 sc, sc , 2 sc, sc 1(6) 
R4: 2 sc, sc 2, 2 sc, sc 2 (8) 
R5 -6 : Sc Around (8) 
R7: Dec 1, sc 2, dec 1, sc 2 (6) 
R8: Dec 1, sc 1, dec 1, sc 1 (4) 
F/o, leave long end for sewing 

Eyes - Make 2
White crochet thread 
2.70 mm hook 
R1: 6 sc in magic circle 
R2: 2 sc in each st around (12) 
Sl st, f/o, leave long end for sewing 

Grey Yarn 
F Hook 
R1: 6 sc in magic circle (6) 
R2: 2 sc in each st around (12)
R3: (2 sc, sc 1) around (18) 
R4: (2 sc, sc 2) around (24) 
R5: (2 sc, sc 3) around (30) 
R6: (2 sc, sc 4) around (36) 
R7: (2 sc, sc 5) around (42) 
R8-13: sc around (42) 
R14: (dec 1, sc 5) around (36) 
R15: (dec 1, sc 4) around (30) 
R16: (dec 1, sc 3) around (24) 
R17: (dec 1, sc 2 ) around (18) 
Sew ears on top of head at row 4 
Put safety eyes through the white circles and then attach between R10 and R11 
Sew around the white to attach 
Use black yarn to sew on nose at row 12 and whiskers beneath eyes 
Stuff firmly with fiber fill 
R18: (dec 1, sc 1) around (12) 
R19: Dec 1 around (6) 
F/O and sew up the hole 

Arms -Make 2 
Grey Yarn 
F Hook 
R1: 5 sc in magic circle (5) 
R2: 2 sc in each st around (10) 
R3-14: Sc around Stuff with fiberfill 
F/O and sew hole closed Leave long end to sew onto head Use black yarn to give him “claws” 

Start with white yarn 
H Hook
You will connect rows on this section. You will need to ch 1 extra at the start of the magic circle to make room for the first dc. 
R1: (3 dc, 2 ch) four times in magic circle, join at the top of first dc with a sl st. Pull hole closed. *The dc’s are the sides of the square, the ch’s are the corners.

R2: Ch 2, turn, dc in the same stitch the chain is in. 5 dc into the corner (the corner being space made by the 2 ch on the previous row). Dc around doing 5 dc in each corner. Join with a sl st in the first dc of the round. 

Notes: Skip over the original ch 2 and put the sl stitch directly in the first dc to avoid a seam! 

Optional: For extra pointy corners make the 3rd dc of the corner a triple crochet stitch (tc) 

R3: Ch 2, turn, dc in each st across. At each corner do 5 dc in the middle stitch of the previous row’s 5 dc. 
R4-8: Repeat R3. Switch to grey yarn 
R9-14: Continue to repeat R3. Switch to black yarn 
R15: Sc around. At corners chain 2 and then continue to sc around. 
F/o, weave in ends

Sew the arms securely onto the bottom of the head at row 16, pointing outward. Sew the head onto the middle of the blanket, face pointed toward one of the corners. Sew upside down grey V’s onto the front of Totoro’s belly. 

Troubleshooting: Is a piece coming out way too small? I tend to crochet between medium and loose tension. If you crochet tight and things are coming out small you might want to move up a hook size or two. Also make sure you are using the right weight of yarn. This is written for worsted weight, if you are using something lighter it may affect the finished size. 

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