Monday, July 1, 2013

Easiest Crocheted Ipad Mini Cozy

This pattern is so simple that this post is less about the pattern and more about me wanting to show off my beautiful yarn. Matches took me to the fancy yarn store in town because I got a coupon in the mail and let me pick out three new yarns. I never get to do that. I fell in love with this yarn for the feel and color. It’s Mochi Plus in Autumn Rainbow, I get giddy just looking at it. Not only that it’s crazy soft – 80% wool and 20% nylon. I barely got the yarn home before I had my hook out. I rarely crochet items for myself so this was a special treat. We recently purchased an Ipad Mini and it was just begging to get covered. The best part is that the yarn is so soft it cleans the screen as you slide it in and out.


Here are three reasons you need to make this right now: 
1. It’s an excuse to go pick out a fancy yarn! There are obviously exceptions but in my opinion gorgeous yarns are best shown off with a simple stitch. Vice versa, complicated stitches are best shown off with simpler yarns. Get something luxurious, with lots of colors.
2. You get to pick out a fancy button! Am I the only one that loves the button section of craft stores? There are so many and they are so pretty! You don’t always know how a yarn is going to work up, so make the cozy first and bring it with you to the button store.
3. It’s so easy but looks so good! No really, this pattern is super easy. I finished it in like 3 hours.

This can easily be adjusted to fit a regular Ipad but my instructions are for the mini since that is what I have.

Fancy yarn - somewhere in the worsted weight range. You have a bit of wiggle room but it won’t work as well if you pick something super bulky or light. I used about 95 yards.
H Hook (5 mm)
A fancy button

This project makes the yarn the star. It turns out elegant and interesting while still being easy-peasy. It is worked in rounds and you are going to be working around your starting chain. Meaning you are going to work in one side of chain’s loops like normal, then continue around and work in the other side of the starting chain loops. Makes like a closed oval. This is the bottom of the sleeve.

Try it on your tablet often and make sure it fits. You may need to add or take away rows. For me a 2" by 2" section is 8 sts and 4 rows.

Ch 23
R1: Dc in the 3rd ch from hook. Dc across.
When you get to the end of the row instead of turning, continue around. This time working into the other loop of the starting chain. You are creating a pocket and this is the bottom. Make sure that you are inserting your hook into the outside of the piece.
R1 - cont: Dc in the other loop of the starting chain until you get all the way around to the first dc. (42)
This is worked in the round and the rounds are not joined. The next stitch will be a dc placed in the first dc you made in the chain. Get a stitch marker and mark this stitch. You will have finished a row each time you make it back to the marker. Don’t forget to move the stitch marker up each row as you work.
Ok the hardest part is done. It’s smooth sailing from here on out.
R2-19: Dc in each st around (42)
On your last row, make your third to last stitch an hdc, then an sc and finally a sl st. This will keep you from having a jagged stop from the dc stitch. Snip the yarn, sew in ends.
R22: Attach the yarn to the top middle of one side. The strap is 5 stitches wide so find the middle five stitches on that side. Ch 2, dc 4. Ch 2, turn.
R23-25: Dc 4, Ch 2, Turn. The ch 2 counts as the first dc.
R26: Dc 1, ch 2, sk 1, dc 2. Ch 2, turn. (this makes the button hole)
R27: Dc across. F/o, weave in ends.

Now just attach the button and you are done. I’d love to see what yarns you all pick out so please send me a picture of the finished product!


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