Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Etsy on Temporary Hiatus Due to VAT

Happy almost new year everyone! I hope you all have a good start to 2015 tonight. 

I want to annouce that I have temporarily deactivated my Etsy listings for pattern downloads. There is a new law for EU buyers that require a special tax on digital downloads. Etsy has informed the sellers that we are responsible for this tax. They promise some tools to help handle this in January 2015. I have pulled my digital downloads in the meantime to ensure I don't find myself in international tax trouble while we figure this out. There are two finished physical loveys (Totoro and Link) still available to buy in the shop.

If you are looking to buy my patterns before I get Etsy running smooth again you can find them on Ravelry, who have provided tools to handle these new taxes. Big shout out to the Ravelry team for working something out for us digital pattern sellers :)

If you are from the states and don't want to go through Ravelry you can email directly and we will work a deal out there.

I promised more blog updates before the end of the year but somehow it is already the 31st! As an act of penance I will give you a sideways preview of my newest lovey. Should be up soon.

Finn the human

2.10.15 Update: Etsy has agreed to collect the VAT tax for sellers. The shop is back up with all the regular patterns. Finn lovey should be up soon as well.

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