Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Great Pattern Update 2014

Hello again everyone! I took a long break due to family responsibilities and I am excited to be back :) 

First order of business, I have updated all the patterns in my store to include more detail and better descriptions. Going over them with fresh eyes has helped me clarify the trickier parts. They should be even easier to follow now.

Second, I have updated the Wind Waker Morth pattern and I think it's a lot better. I added more spikes and changed some of the construction aspects. Check it out and make a few for your friends.

Third, I have written yet another pikachu pattern! I made this one for a friend and she turned out so cute I had to share. Hope you enjoy.

Lastly, I have two finished loveys available in my shop for $35 each. It is very rare for me to sell finished items. Don't miss your chance.

I have many more things in the works for the coming days and weeks. Keep a look out :)


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