Thursday, September 27, 2012

Owl Themed Gender Reveal Party

The moment I found out I was pregnant I planned on doing a reveal party, it's just too cute a concept to pass up. You get to know you are having but still feel surprised. Also, parties!

If you are not familiar with the concept, here is what we did: At the 20 week ultrasound we asked the technician to secretly write down the sex of the baby and seal it in an envelope. Then we made a deal with a local baker to make us a cake that had either blue or pink coloring in the center depending on the gender and gave her the envelope. A few days later we had all our friends over for brunch and hubby and I cut open the cake and we all found out together what we were having. This is just one way of doing it, I have seen people fill pinatas with colored candy or open boxes full of colored balloons. I really want to do the pinata for our next baby.

love planning parties and I love DIY anything so that led to this reveal party that I had way too much fun with. I'd like to say right off the bat that Pinterest is responsible for many of these ideas. If you aren't on Pinterest, you need to be.

The theme was Owls and the colors were Green, Lavender and Brown. The pennants are made from green tissue paper, twine, staples and painted owls I stenciled on with an adorbs stencil I found at Hobby Lobby. 

I crocheted the owl family myself using this pattern by Sarah Zimmerman and Vanna's choice yarns. The pattern's owls are much smaller (the baby in my centerpieces is actually about the size of the daddy in the pattern) so I doubled the sizes. Took me way longer to make two centerpieces than I expected but the result was well worth it.

The "chalk board" is actually just a black poster board. Chalk worked surprising well on it so I just bordered it in burlap ribbon and cute buttons on the corners. The idea was for the guests to mark their vote on the board and then wear the pin showing off their vote. The pins are just ribbons hot glued to safety pins with buttons on the front. The guests loved it and it made for friendly competition. We also put up our top 5 baby names in each category and let people vote for their favorites. The vote winners were Eli and Ashlyn. (Update: We ended up naming her Aurie!)

The party was a brunch so the drinks were milk, OJ and Starbucks Mocha Fraps. Cute glass bottles are surprisingly hard to locate on their own but luckily Starbucks sells their cold fraps in adorable bottles. Costco had a deal this past weekend for $0.88 each - plus they were filled with the mocha fraps we were planning on serving. Score! All we did was peel off the sticker and use a little elbow grease and steel wool and they cleaned up easily. Even the expiration date came off, I didn't expect that. We got the carafes at Target. In retrospect we should have labeled the carafes because everyone thought that the coffee mocha was chocolate milk at first.
Note the purple paper straws because according to Pinterest, you just can't have a classy party without paper straws. :)

Food! Brunch happens to be one of my favorite meals ever. Though I also would like to be a hobbit and do second breakfast, elevensies and tea time.

The menu consisted of hashbrown-egg-ham casserole (cheesy and non-cheesy versions), french toast, bacon skewers, cinnamon rolls and and fruit cups. The fruit is in those plastic wine glasses with removable bottoms, we served the syrup for the french toast on the table in shot glasses. Party City probably thought I was throwing a drinking party. Also the owl stencil returns on the burlap table cloths.

Finally, the cake. The baker did such a good job on this, especially with how thick the frosting was. I printed the Owl pictures out on card stock and hot glued them to the extra straws to bring the theme around. (unfortunately the bakeries that actually do themed cakes were either booked up or ridiculous price-wise)

It's a girl!!! :) So excited. No wonder I'd been craving sweets like crazy!


  1. I realize that this post is a year old, but I found it on Pinterest while searching for owl theme gender reveal party. I absolutely loooovveee what you did! Brunch is my favorite meal too. I'm planning an evening party...but I am saving your ideas for a brunch party later on down the road. Thanks so much for your inspiration!

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  4. Owl Themed Gender Reveal Party is so gorgeous. The cake is stunning. All of these I special touches in this bash are looking very cute. At the local convention center I too attended a fun DIY party of my cousin’s 16th birthday. Truly great job was done by the expert party planner team on that Oscar inspired bash.


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